Kana 明夏羽
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Species succubus ayakashi
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Info
Likes Yuto
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Chiaki Takahashi

Ageha is a character of the Omamori Himari manga and anime series. She originally served as a minor antagonist, until she later becomes allies with Yuto and his harem. She is himoenma, succubus ayakashi who feeds on the blood of men which caused her to take an interest in Yuto that later becomes attraction. She is always seen with her accomplice Sasa.


Her background is unknown.


Ageha has longish brown hair and has green eyes. She is mid-sized and has a big bust. She wears a red hat and skirt, alongside a white shirt.


Her personality started out as murderous. At first she wanted to kill Yuto. But after Yuto protected her, she has become nicer and friendly. She will still sometimes attack Yuto even though she seems to be attracted to him.


Ageha first comes into the story saying she wants to kill Yuto. She tried to kill him to be known as more of a threat to people. She then got into a fight with Himari (because Himari was protecting Yuto). At first Ageha was winning, until Yuto jumped in front of a sword slash that was aimed at Himari, taking the hit himself. Himari became enraged and went into her true form, which was too strong for Ageha and she was defeated. Before Himari could kill Ageha, Yuto stopped her from doing so suing the Light Transfer. She later kidnaps Yuto and asks him how far he has went with Himari. Yuto says a kiss so Ageha kisses Yuto then causes him to go unconscious. As she begins to suck his blood, she is discovered by Himari and Shizuki. She retreats, but later follows the group to the cafe to discuss Tamamo No Mae; the Ayakashi cannibal. While doing so they are interupted by her. Tamamo attacks Himari and leaves. Later on Ageha is seen trying to help Yuto use his light ferry by making everyone dress up in sexy cosplay outfits and flirt with him. After that the last time she is seen is helping Sasa to the place where Tamamo and Himari are battling but is shocked to see that Himari is in her true form and attacking everyone.


Ageha's abilites include:

  • Stretchy Limbs
  • Air Manipulation
  • Sword Skills


Sasa - Sasa is Ageha's best friend.

Yuto Amakawa - At first she wants to kill him but over time she has grown attracted to him.

Himari Noihara - They have no direct relationship besides the fact that they both love Yuto.


  • She is shown to have some kind of sexual pleasure from sucking blood, as shown when she drank Yuto's blood.