Kasuri Kagamimori
Kasuri Kagamimori
Kana 各務森 飛白
Romaji Kagamimori Kasuri
First Appearance Manga Chapter 51
Age 19
Date of Birth Unknown
Species Human
Height Unknown
Measurements Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Info
Relatives Hisuzu Kagamimori (younger sister)
Voice Actor

Kasuri Kagamimori is the Demon Slayer of the Kagamimori Family, a family that uses Shinto magic to seal ayakashi within mirrors, and is known to be the only Demon Slayer family to do so. Her family name translates to "mirror forest", in reference to her family's ability. She is a miko of the Kagamimori Shrine, and have met Himari and Kaya in the past when they visited their shrine prior to the series' start.[4] Despite her young age (18 years), her way of speaking is reminiscent to that of an old lady's, as pointed out by Hitsugi and Himari.[ch. 51] In chapter 52, she used her Shinto magic to reveal Himari's malicious side from her body and seal it, but her plan backfired when Himari's malicious side broke free from the mirror and merged with Himari.[ch. 52]


As part of the Kagamimori Clan, Kasuri has the ability to seal ayakashi within side mirrors. As the head of the Kagamimori Family, Kasuri possesses the Beast Eye (獣の目 Kemono no Me?), which is located in her left eye.