Kaya as seen in the anime
Kana 加耶
First Appearance Manga Chapter 10
Anime Episode 4
Age Unknown (looks 6-7)
Species Ayakashi (Zashiki-warashi)
Personal Info
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Mariko Honda

Kaya is a minor character in Omamori Himari. She is a Zashiki-warashi who lives at Yuto's late grandparents' house in Noihara, tending to it after their deaths, and is a close acquaintance to Himari.


Kaya is a Zashiki-warashi who resides in Yuto's grandparents' house and an old acquaintance of Himari. After Yuto's grandparents died, she took care of their house, keeping it spotless for the past couple of years.


Keeping with her ayakashi species, Kaya appears as a child between the ages of 6 and 7. She has brown eyes and black hair tied into short twin tails with pink hair barrettes holding them in place and several bangs hanging over her forehead. Her outfit consists of a red and black kimono top with a brown-checkered obi sash, a red ribbon tied to her right ankle, and geta for footwear. She appears to be quite well-endowed for a girl her age, sporting a pair of fairly large breasts.


Kaya displays two sides to her personality: a kind and gentle side around others (especially Himari), and a mean and jealous side when around Yuto, mostly due to him being responsible for Himari leaving her. Since it is her sole duty to the keep the house in order, she is often seen either cleaning or reading old scrolls and books in the storehouse.



  • Force Field: Kaya has displayed the ability to project force fields around her allies, providing them protection from enemy attacks. This ability was only displayed in the anime.


Himari Noihara

Kaya holds a high respect for Himari, as the two have known each other since Yuto's grandparents were alive. She also seems to yearn for Himari to come back, as she was excited when the latter came to visit.

Yuto Amakawa

Kaya seems to be on unfriendly terms with Yuto, blaming him for taking Himari away from her. In fact, she is so jealous of him that when they first met, she wished that he was dead. This was further enforced in the manga when she knocks Yuto out for allegedly seducing Himari (though it was Himari who was seducing him in order to regain his lost memories). She does hold a small degree of respect for him, once congratulating him on awakening his Light Ferry power during Himari's fight with Ageha (though she really wished he'd die out there, according to her).


  • Kaya wears clothing similar to Himari's.