Kofuyu the Snow Woman
Kana 小冬
First Appearance Manga Chapter 43
Age Unknown (appears 16-18)
Date of Birth N/A
Species Ayakashi (Yuki-onna)
Height Unknown
Measurements Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Info
Nickname(s) "Snow Woman"
Likes Skiing
Hot Springs
Dislikes N/A
Relatives N/A
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese N/A
English N/A

Kofuyu is a Yuki-onna who works at a ski resort.


Not much is known about Kofuyu but she appears to have lived in the ski resort for most of her life working alongside humans which gave her the idea that humans and Ayakashi could live together in peace.


Kofuyu is kind and very to the point often saying the true meaning behind manner of the long winded speeches people give. She also has displayed a playful side of herself by jumping Yuto Amakawa with Lizlet L. Chelsie simply because it looked fun.

She is also has a seductive part of her, and this is best seen when she wanted to "thank" Yuto in a hot spring by seducing him. Even the arrival of Liz did not deter her instead only inviting her to "join them". She even enjoys teasing Yuto during said situation by informing him that despite being a snow woman, she was "quite warm" on the inside and we wouldn't get frost bite from sexual intercourse with her.


Kofuyu is a beautiful woman with long black hair and white skin. Kofuyu's attire consists of winter outfit such as sweaters and white revealing snow decorated kimonos. She has also is well endowded.


When Yuto takes a stand against Tamamo no mae, Kofuyu invites him and his friends to spend time at her ski resort where she can formerly ally herself with him. During his skiing practice, Kofuyu took a liking to Liz and Rinko Kuzaki playing with Yuto's inability to ski and decided to play with him as well. Afterword, all the Ayakashi of the ski resort give Yuto their support.

During a game, Kofuyu followed Yuto to the onsen and attempt to "thank" him for defending the innocent ayakashi from Tama by seducing him. Even Liz's arrival does not deter her, only asking her to join them as she very well nearly takes Yuto's virginity until the emergance of Tama in her perfect form interrupts her.

Himari Noihara later arrives and Kofuyu aids Yuto group by controlling ice and snow to attack Tama. With the combined efforts of Himari and Kuesu Jinguji, Tama flees and Kofuyu returns to run her ski lodge

Powers & Abilities

  • Snow and Ice Manipulation: As a Yuki-onna, Kofuyu has complete control over snow and ice being able to created snowstorms and freeze objects. Living in a ski resort only amplifies her powers thanks to being surrounded by the freezing elements.