Sae Kisaragi
Sae Kisaragi
Sae Kisaragi as seen in the anime
Kana 如月 冴
Romaji Kisaragi Sae
First Appearance Manga Chapter 2
Anime Episode 1
Species Human
Personal Info
Nickname(s) "Sae-chan" (students)
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Michiko Neya

Sae Kisaragi is a minor recurring character in Omamori Himari. She is Yuto, Rinko, and Himari's homeroom teacher at Takamiya High.


Not much is known about Ms. Kisaragi, other than her being Yuto, Rinko, and Himari's homeroom teacher.


Kisaragi is a bespectacled woman between her late twenties and early thirties with sage green hair that is tied into a bun at the back with several sweep bangs hanging over the left side of her forehead, and jade green eyes. Her main work attire consists of a pale green blazer with a black belt on the waist over a grey turtleneck shirt, a black skirt, and black high-heeled pumps. Her clothes outside of work vary. She also has a quite well-endowed figure.


Kisaragi is shown to have a laid-back personality outside of school, being a smoker (shown in Chapter 8 when she ordered a smoking section at Café Relish)[1] and a drinker (shown in a bonus chapter with her colleague Yuko). She is also shown to be slightly perverted, and would always happen to catch Yuto in a harem act. She is also passive of students engaging in sexual acts (she will allow it just as long as it is outside class). She also has a joking side to her as well, suggesting in the manga that Rinko should wear a maid outfit after "figuring out" Yuto's "fetish" for maid outfits.[2]

In the anime, her personality was greatly reduced due to her demotion as a minor character.



Yuko Akutsu

Yuko is Kisaragi's colleague and drinking buddy.


  • Ms. Kisaragi appears to have a liking to maid cafés, as in the manga, she is the one who suggests that they go to Café Relish where they first encounter Lizlet L. Chelsie.


  1. Kisaragi: (to Liz) "Four, please."
    Lizlet: (nervous) "W-Will that be smoking or–"
    Kisaragi: "Smoking."
    Rinko: (surprised) "You smoke?!" (Omamori Himari manga; Volume 2, Chapter 8)
  2. Kisaragi: (to Yuto and Rinko) "What's this, Amakawa? You like that sort of thing? You should try that on some time, Kuzaki."
    Rinko: (in shock) "Wha!?" (Omamori Himari manga; Volume 2, Chapter 10)