Shuten douji is partner tama.





A powerful Oni ruler from ancient times who met his end by Minamoto no Raikō at Ōeyama (according to legend, he was tricked into drinking some poison sake, then was beheaded by Minamoto's sword, Yasutsuna). He swears vengeance against the human race following this incident after he was awakened by Tama's yōki, and is condescending towards them as a result, finding them in modern times weak and pathetic. Because he is incomplete, he uses Tama's yōki from the ayakashi she devours to help regain his power so he can have his revenge. Appearing as a well-dressed young man, he is a very powerful demon that is agile and fast enough to sense the presence of incoming attacks.[ch. 28] Tama is usually seen riding on his shoulder and he usually does most of the talking for her. He also has a tendency to chat with his enemies during fights.

In the anime after Tama was defeated by Himari's ayakashi form, he planned to use Himari to put the human race in a state of fear, only to have that foiled when Yuto brought her back to normal and soon met his end by being incapacitated and sliced in two by Super Himari after he assumed his Oni form.[1]

In the manga, he faces Kuesu in a one-on-one duel, which ended with him fatally injuring her but ends up losing his physical body in the process after receiving a powerful blast from the latter. He later appears in his spiritual form, taking a fatal blow from Himari that was meant for Tama and telling Tama to retreat and they will meet each other again before disappearing.[ch. 62]

Powers & Abilitie

  1. Strong.
  2. teleport.
  3. Demon Form.