Taizo Masaki
Taizo masaki
Taizo Masaki as seen in the anime
Kana 柾木 泰三
Romaji Masaki Taizō
First Appearance Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Age 16
Species Human
Personal Info
Relatives Haru Masaki (little sister)
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Taizo Masaki is a minor recurring character in Omamori Himari. He is Yuto's best friend and classmate at Takamiya High.


Not much is known about Taizo, other than him being Yuto's best friend and classmate.


Taizo has reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. At school he wears the standard Takamiya High School boys' uniform, with the addition orange sneakers and a black t-shirt over his school shirt. Like most characters, his clothing varies outside of school.

While he was possessed by the Tsuchigumo in the anime, Taizo's skin turns a pale blue color and he gains green leg-like protrusions from his back. His hair also turned to brighter shade of red.


Despite being Yuto's best friend, Taizo is a voyeuristic pervert who seeks to stimulate his libido. However, this level of pervertedness has also caused him to get beaten up on a few occassions. One instance was when he was beaten up by Rinko and the Class Rep for peeping at girls underwater and when he was beaten into the water fountain by the Class Rep in the anime upon suggesting her to be his model.



He is Yuuto's class mate and best friend.


Taizo has shown a quick attraction to Himari ever since she transferred to Takamiya High, to the point of asking her to be his model for his artwork (though he was quickly rejected afterwards) and convincing her to take part in the the Miss Touryo Beauty Contest (which he was the organizer of).


Taizo has shown a quick attraction to Shizuku when he asked her to take part of the Miss Touryo contest at his school, despite her not being a student there. He also convinced her to be a model during his class' art trip. In the anime, he met Shizuku at Cafe Relish (originally done by Ms. Kisaragi in the manga), and has an instant attraction to her upon hearing her cold, lifeless voice.

Haru Masaki

Haru is Taizo's little sister.